–The virtues of gossip.

–Powerful leaders really do keep their enemies “close.”

–Do scholarships designed to produce effective teachers actually produce effective teachers?

–People tend to believe groups that win are more homogeneous.

–Activating thoughts about money makes 5-year-olds more selfish.



— Students who normally characterize themselves as “silent” show a preference for online “computer mediated discussion.”

— If somebody has power, you better hope they also have status.

— Physiological arousal leads to information sharing.

— Giving teenagers an 8 pm curfew won’t save them from sexual promiscuity.

— What makes people purchase items in online games?


— More evidence that menu positions influence food orders

Syllabi are important

— The future of teacher education is in the same location as the future of student education: The Internet

— Simply thinking about choice can affect your policy preferences

Uncommon Scents


–The city of Charlottesville is giving all its middle and high school students tablet computers.

–Bellweather has a new paper about how to efficiently and effectively steer capital towards education innovation.

–The government is quietly pushing the envelope with free online open-source learning.


1. Don’t snack in front of the TV.

2. This is why you’re reading this.

3. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.

4. Where do Bad Ideas Come From?

5. Is this evidence that this is plausible?

6. The value of arbitrary dates.

CogSci Links

1) New ADHD research shows it’s dangerous for kids to act like kids.

2) When doctors are able to talk about costly hospital mistakes good things happen.

3) Another bad reason for defending the status quo.

4) Another reason good reason to drink.

5) How to tell if your boss is lying.

6) Graeme Wood’s Atlantic piece on convicts under electric surveillance.