A Housekeeping Post

I’ve been sitting on the domain name peerreviewedbymyneurons.com for months, but this is the week I’m finally going to take my own advice about accepting short term costs for long-term benefits and move the site off WordPress and to a self-hosted domain. Hopefully not much will change, but you’ll probably need to resubscribe on Google Reader, Feedburner, etc. to reflect the new domain name. Those of you subscribed through WordPress may have to find another way. Please let me know if there are issues with the new site.

In other news, the site recently had it’s 61,247th page view! So thanks to all the readers, linkers, and re-tweeters. I know this isn’t one of those blogs with a hyperactive comment section, but that’s fine with me. Your anonymous presence in the daily stats numbers provides all the motivation I need to keep going. Also, feel free to email me with any feedback, suggestions, comments, or crazy scheme ideas. I like getting emails.


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