Bringing Wealthy Kids Into Your University Is a Good Investment

The outrage over P. Diddy’s son getting a football scholarship to UCLA is among the more shortsighted collective conniptions in recent memory. Frankly I’m disappointed in the internet.

The bottom line is that having wealthy kids attend your University is a good investment (assuming you can find a merit-based reason to admit them.) For a measly $54,000, which does not come from taxpayer dollars, UCLA now has the opportunity to receive alumni checks from the Combs family for all of eternity. When all is said and done that will pay for a lot more than $54,000 worth of scholarship money for low-income students. Of course assuming Diddy’s son had to play somewhere, society as a whole now has one less scholarship for a low income student (and the same amount of potential Diddy alumni money). But UCLA itself is better off.


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