The Future of Dating

More and more “dating business cards” are popping up, and that’s elicited a riveting discussion about how much the global community should condemn the cards for being stupid and annoying. Personally, I think we should condem them about .9 standard deviations less than the standard internet craze of the hour. The cards seem ridiculous, but a real dating business card would be quick, easy, and lead to significantly less devastating real-time reevaluation of self-worth.

More importantly, the popularity of the cards is a reminder that dating is an area where people really want improvements in comfort and efficiency. Our cars work well. Our TVs are in a definition that’s of sufficient height. But a lot of people are unhappy with the quality of their romantic life. That’s why online dating continues to grow. And it will continue to grow because being in a romantic relationship is a big deal, and the current “market” created by social conventions is not coming close to maximizing efficiency.

In the end, it probably won’t be business cards, but I think that in the next 5-15 years the way people enter into romantic relationships will rapidly change in a way that goes far beyond our primitive models of online dating. Remember, the business cards may seem “unromantic” by the standards of the last 60 years, but they’ll seem much different when judged by the standards of the next 60 years.


2 Responses to The Future of Dating

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  2. I daresay this would have been a more interesting article if you’d pointed to some of the “riveting discussion.”

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