Right Now, the “Butter Battle Book” Is Dr. Seuss’ Most Relevant Work

The green light to make a move based on “The Lorax” was given in July 2009. Obama had recently been sworn in and we still didn’t fully realize how bad the recession was. Environmentalism was still all the rage, and so I’m sure choosing the “Lorax” to turn into a movie seemed like the right move. Fast forward two and half years and all anybody cares about is jobs, birth control, and Iran.

Given that going to war with Iran has a newfound prominence in our lives, what we really need is a Butter Battle Book movie. Seuss’ cold war era story about arms races and mutually assured destruction is the perfect retort to Iran warmongering. Never has the destructiveness of culturally generated hatred been so clearly shown. And from a psychological standpoint, learning that you shouldn’t hate a large diverse group of people you know little about is the kind of low-risk high-reward education society needs. Something like the Butter Battle Book won’t turn a neocon into a dove, but at the margin it might make open minded people more disgusted with war. That seems important.

On another note, I think that having successfully sprung the birth control trap on the GOP, Democrats should goad Republicans into attacking Dr. Seuss by continuously churning out Sueuss movies that promote progressive ways of thinking. Republicans won’t figure out how to combat the messages without trashing Dr. Suess, and people won’t stand for that. You saw what happend when Fox News tried to criticize the Muppets movie. The attacks had no legs because people love the fucking muppets. Dr. Seuss has the same kind of immunity.


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