Does Climate Change Increase Our Chances of Extraterrestrial Contact?

Chris Wilson’s article on the search for extraterrestrial life sparked some nice alien talk among internet intellectuals, and it once again got me thinking about a question that’s been floating around my head the last few months. Will a climate change driven path toward planetary destruction increase our chances of having contact with aliens?

The reasoning goes something like this. There are three possibilities when it comes to extraterrestrial life.

1. There are no other aliens

2. Tere are aliens but they are too far away or technologically primitive to know about us

3. There are aliens who know about us, but they have chosen to remain hidden from us. Perhaps their species once had a bad experience with an Earth-like planet.

Now let’s assume that the third possibility is true. Let’s also assume that the aliens not only know of our existence, their technology is advanced enough that they know a great deal about the state of our planet. Finally, let’s  assume that in addition to being kind enough to let us live in peace, the aliens are so kind that they would actively attempt to help us if our species was in grave danger, even if they would be unable to do so without making themselves known.

I’m not trying to turn alien-searching fanatics into environmental terrorists, but if all the assumptions above are true, wouldn’t a climate change catastrophe increase our chances of extraterrestrial contact? The chances would still be miniscule, but it’s something to think about.


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