The Cause of Your Office Internet Addiction

Are you afflicted by an uncontrollable impulse that constantly forces you to navigate away from your spreadsheet and toward the siren song emanating from your Twitter feed? A new study in Computers in Human Behavior may shed some light on the causes of  your “cyberloafing.” The good news? There’s plenty of blame to go around. You can even blame your boss.

As hypothesized, the employee job attitudes of job involvement and intrinsic involvement were negatively related to cyberloafing. Also, as predicted, the organizational characteristics of the perceived cyberloafing of one’s coworkers and managerial support for internet usage were positively related to cyberloafing. Finally, results showed that attitudes towards cyberloafing and participation in non-Internet loafing behaviors were positively related to cyberloafing.

The study is more evidence of how incapable we are of escaping the influence of social settings. Even in an office environment where people are driven by direct monetary incentives a person’s work ethic is still affected by social factors.

On another note, I’m very excited “cyberloafing” is an official academic term.


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