What Did We Really Get From Bin Laden’s Compound?

One of the more interesting aspects of the Bin Laden situation is the psychology of the official government statements. U.S citizens tend to assume the purpose of the statements is to fill them in on what is happening, but it’s debatable whether a regular U.S citizen is the primary concern.

Imagine that the U.S. went into Bin Laden’s compound and found a magic computer with detailed information about every single Al-Qaeda member. What would they say? They’d probably say they didn’t find much in order to avoid tipping people off. Alternatively, imagine they actually found nothing. A clever way to slow down activity and force fighters underground would be to announce that they found a lot.

But maybe Al-Qaeda knows this game and will assume the opposite of what U.S. says. Then the U.S. should tell the truth. But what if Al-Qaeda knows the U.S. knows they know? What if the U.S. knows that Al-Qaeda knows they know they know? What if somebody Australian is involved?


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