The Value of Socio-Emotional Skills

Allow Minnesota governor Mark Dayton to demonstrate:

Yes, there have always been protests — sometimes loud, but not in this formal room. In this room, governors traditionally have held news conferences in front of the media and with only invited guests. Security people traditionally had kept all others out.

But not this day. Angry people — some very angry people — were in the room. Dozens more were trying to enter.  Dayton couldn’t have expected this.

Not even the organizer of the protest, Twila Brase, who heads an organization called the Citzens’ Council for Health Freedom, expected this turnout of passionate protesters. She had started emailing people — Tea Partiers and other “Obama-care” foes last Friday.

“I didn’t have any idea how many would come,” she said.

The new governor then silenced the crowd with a most extraordinary invitation. He invited those protesting to come forward and share his podium. He would allow representatives from their group to speak, after he had spoken.


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