Is Presidential Leadership a Fake Thing?

Generally, I think yes. But this WaPo editorial is right on.

Given the tone and tenor of the discussion, Mr. Obama’s clear voice and unwavering leadership are needed on this issue. If, as he eloquently explained, al-Qaeda’s cause “is a gross distortion of Islam,” why should anyone question the appropriateness of Muslims building a center two blocks from Ground Zero? And if it is appropriate as well as constitutional, why would the president not say so?

The Obama who gave the Reverend Wright speech would never be in this position. That speech exemplified why people voted for him. The ability to speak about the unspeakable. The ability to turn a shouting match in a discussion.  The ability reveal demagogues for what they are. That’s why people thought he could be different. Obama needs to be that guy again.

It would take 10 minutes. Obama needs to look into the camera and say “Somewhere in Afghanistan there a 10-year-old boy. One of his uncles was injured by a predator drone. Another was injured by the Taliban. He hears a lot of things and doesn’t know what to believe.  Soon he may be forced to choose weather to join the Taliban or fight them. We cannot allow that boy to  hear about how American refuse to allow mosques to be built in their country. This is what Al Queda wants. They want a full-fledged war.  They want all Muslims to think that all Americans and Christians and Jews are their enemies. If we start a war on this mosque, Al Queda wins. ”

Boom. Fake controversy over.


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